About Us

The SPHERE Institute (SPHERE) is a not-for-profit policy research firm established in 1996. In conjunction with its fully affiliated partner firm, Acumen, LLC, SPHERE conducts public policy research evaluating health and social service programs supported by public and private funds. At SPHERE, our team is committed to the improvement of public policy through information management. SPHERE has worked with federal and state agencies to develop resources to build their internal databases and self-evaluation capacity. SPHERE has substantial competence in delivering databases that permit administrators to monitor their operations and report outcomes to benefactors. To supplement internal sources of information, our team has created and utilized all forms of administrative and survey data to produce outcomes relevant for both service providers and funding organizations.

SPHERE employs a staff of researchers with advanced degrees in economics, medicine, health services research, public policy, and demography/statistics, as well as technical analysts with extensive experience in the development of information systems, computer programming, data analysis, and the preparation and production of reports. In addition, SPHERE employees have extensive institutional knowledge of California’s health, human services, and education programs and policies, as well as experience conveying information and research findings to broad audiences of policymakers, program operators, and other stakeholders.

Our Mission

It is SPHERE's mission to significantly improve the information provided to policymakers who design and revise welfare, health, education, and labor programs at the national, state, and local levels.

To fulfill this mission, SPHERE offers practitioners powerful policy analysis capabilities, specific and impartial advice, and context for policy debates. SPHERE has developed a deep understanding of health and social trends that also provides a solid infrastructure for its long-term research program. With these interrelated capabilities, SPHERE serves the interests of the public, government, business, and the research community.