A nine-acre vacant parcel owned by the California State Lands Commission sits adjacent to the SPHERE offices in Burlingame. When the Commission opened up an application process to determine the best uses for this bayfront property, SPHERE developed a proposal to transform the property into a natural area with educational components for the public, direct public access to the bay, and landscaping comprised entirely of native vegetation.

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This parcel is located in an area that has the lowest percentage of open space and parks and the highest percentage of industrial and infrastructure land uses in any of the 30 operational landscape units as identified by the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) San Francisco Bay Shoreline Adaptation Atlas. For this reason alone, turning this parcel into a natural area with public access would provide tremendous community benefit.

SPHERE partnered with the San Mateo Resource Conservation District to develop a realistic restoration and management plan for the property that would leverage public and private grant funds to develop the property as a natural area with interpretive information and recreation areas. SPHERE is committed to paying for the ongoing maintenance of the space for the life of the 49-year lease, providing a public benefit at no ongoing cost to taxpayers.

All images provided by H.T. Harvey & Associates.

Project Benefits

Habitat Restoration

Restoration of tidal marsh habitat to provide refuge for native species.

Universal Access

Universal access to enjoy the bay for birding, kayaking, kitesurfing and other activities.


Educational opportunities about climate change and the bay's native landscapes for families, school groups, and others.


Protection of a unique, beautiful natural area in an otherwise highly developed landscape. 

To learn more about this effort to create Shoreline Park - Burlingame, please visit the Shoreline Park Burlingame website.